************THE AMAZING STEVIE ENGLISH CREATIVE TEAM PRESENTS*********** The story of Miss Van's possessed Burlesque Troupe, who have come to town, and they are........ THE BLACK MAMBA The runaway Russian sex slave, who never speaks but is a lethal contortionist FOXY LAE The ex 'Madam', Foxy Lae is Peaches & Scream's right hand woman. She runs the group, choreographs ALL the girls performances and is mother of 2 troupe members. PEACHES & SCREAM The maternal Ringmaster, a VERY wise lady who holds the group together. When she says jump, they say 'How high?". MISS VELVET ROPE 'Foxy Lae's' eldest daughter, she's a crazed kooky customer but no one can touch her in the air, a truly mind blowing ariel fabric dancer. POPPY LOVE Ex junkie, playboy pinup, CIA agent turned stripper & now the kinkiest dancer in the troupe. GYSPY ROSE The sweetest, newest, ex classic ballerina, upper class runaway turned burlesque princess. KITTY JINX Foxy Lae's love child, the baby of the Troupe. Don't be fooled she's seen it all & fly's like her sister, only her poison is the lethal ariel swing, without a safety net.

Creative Director, Hair, Make-up: Verity Griffiths
Artistic Director, Hair: Jade Cohen
Photographer:  Nicole McCluskey
Stylist: Kelly Hume
Hair & Make-up: Stevie English Artistic Team

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